uniQam® ScoutTM

advanced action camcorder Full HD video recording at 60 fps with superior 12M Sony Exmor® sensor and high precision F/2.4 lens, captures in clarity every moment.

Video presentation

Functions, acessoriess, settings, installation and dashcam setup. Quick how to video presentation of uniQam functions, features, warerproof housing instalation, controls, connections and dashcam setup.

12 Mega Pixel Sony Exmor® sensor

Superior image quality with the Sony Exmor® sensor. With its 12M pixel advanced performance CMOS sensor, you can always capture the highest quality photos and videos.

High frame rate video

Create smooth slow motion videos at 720p - 120 frames per second and WVGA (480p) at 240 frames per second.

Immersive colours

Exceptional F/2.4 lens, provides superb image quality with vivid and warm colors.

Dashboard camera

While travelling to your next adventure, use your uniQam Scout as a dashboard camera with open frame housing.

Burst shooting

11 consecutive pictures in one second by single pressing shutter button.

60M waterproof

With uniQam Scout, you will shoot without fear and get a clear and satisfying picture in the water.

Time Lapse Video

Capture the experience of the sun setting, a city street bustling, or a flower blooming with Time Lapse video by taking photos at a set intervals. The result is a video showing an accelerated sequence of the photos over time.

Built in LCD and WiFi

With built in 2 inch LCD view finder you will be able to have live screen and playback during your action, and the built in WiFi will boost its mobility with the best connectivity to your devices so you may control the camera anytime, anywhere.

Supercompact and super light

Actioncam should be as compact and light as possible. uniQam Scout is one of the smallest and the lightest on the market!

Aqua Mode vivid images under water

Under water, the deeper you go the more blue images and video become. This is because water absorbs the red side of the light spectrum. This built-in technology automatically adjusts the red and reduces the blue under water. Start capturing your high quality under water images and video using our Aqua Mode!

152° wide angle lens

With its wide angle, you don’t have to worry about missing any of the beautiful scenes you see.


Includes Micro HDMI port so that you can connect to directly to a TV or monitor and share your videos on a bigger screen.

External microphone

In addition to built-in microphone you can simply connect your microphone and always have superior sound quality.

4x Digital Zoom

Maximize your utilization not only in action, but also in everyday normal sight shooting.

advanced dashcam

while travelling to your next adventure

use your uniQam Scout as a dashboard camera.
All the acessories you need is included.

Watch the video on how to install and setup Scout camera for dashcam use.

uniQam packaging

includes all necessary and additional accessories Make the most out of your action camera.
Mount it on your bike, helmet, surf or even on car dashboard.

Latest software

Download the latest software and firmware



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